Monday, 12 May 2014

Neutral Eyes

Hey beauties, here is a more neutral look... this is the kind of makeup you will find me in when I am wearing makeup.  I used Tom Ford Cognac Sable palette to create this look.  You could easily use this for bride makeup if you want neutral tones.

I was really testing out the palette and what I can tell you is that the price is really not for everyone at £62... I really had to think about whether it was worth the money and I can tell you right now NO its not, however this is Tom Ford.  The colours can be duped easily by cheaper brands or mid range like MAC, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua etc.  
What is really good about the palette is the texture and feel of the shadows, none of them are matte but they are not overly shiny which is interesting because I tend to favour a matte outer corner however the darkest brown in the palette was able to define my crease without depositing loads of shine which is not easy to come by.  The glitter shades are also interesting, they do produce a lot of fall out if you use a brush but with your finger no fall out.  I have to say it is a very beautiful palette, when you look at it you.  The shadows blends so easily together and most importantly for me is that the shadows show up on my brown skin.  The palette is also very versatile, you can do many different looks with it and I love that one palette means less makeup to carry around.  This is not a regret purchase for me because I love Tom Ford makeup and I did purchase one other TF palette, will I purchase another ummmm maybe one more but I will stick to the rest of line mainly the lip products. I am very happy with how this look turned out, I ended up using a TF blush and lipstick.  If I was to recommend any product, it would be his blushes, they are so beautiful some deceptive in their colour as a brown girl I look for stuff that will show up on my skin tone and TF blushes do not disappoint and if you want to splash on something I would say try his blush. 

See you in my next post love
Jan x

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Plum Smokie Eyes

Hey beauties, here is my first look in a while but lets jump right in with this pretty plum smokie eye... in this I am wearing Laura Mercier Oil Surpreme... while it looks nice it does not perform the way I expect it to.  After a few hours of wear it looks white and should rain touch your skin it slides of leaving this white residue, for the high price I don't expect that.  I would guess this foundation is in the same market as the Chanel Perfection Lumiere and frankly that leaves this foundation in the dust.  I do like that it is very light, covers well and looks amazing on but its the performance that ends up mattering in the end, I would give out of 10 a 4.

I hope you enjoy this look as I really like how is turned out.