Friday, 25 April 2014

High End Haul

Hi beauties, long time... lets jump right in with high end haul for me to share with you.  I love some high end products not all are good and of the stuff I bought I am disappointed with only 1 product which would be the Laura Mercier Foundation, while it applies well and looks so nice on the skin, it feels like skin however for oil free supreme it separates in the heat, it won't be noticed unless you take a mirror to your face and slide of if rain should get anywhere near you and for £34 pounds I don't want that to happen.  Personally I like to put my face on and go, I don't mind touching up but I am now so used to not having to that I feel like If I am spending £34 I don't want my product to even attempt to separate... separating if for me worse that sliding out because with sliding off I could take my powder and patch get it to be still again, when it separates part of the face will look okay and other parts not so great.  Now I tried different ways to apply, beauty blender, my hands, stippling brush normal paint brush still, I found the beauty blender brought out the best in terms off finish.  If you plan on not doing to much running around its fine but if you plan on running around and running a lot of errands, or live in a hot country or get court in any rain, I suggest you don't purchase this and go for something else.

I am most impressed with Kevyn Aucoin, while it does have mineral oil, jojoba seed oil, so oily and combination will either lump it because its that good, set it really well or mix it with something long lasting.  I have combination oils and mix mine with a dab of Mac Pro Longwear concealer and it stays just fine.  This product is a beat, it covers anything and can be used as a high light, concealer, foundation, cream contour.  If you purchase different colours.  It contains 18 grams less than an ounce however trust me when I say a dab can be used for the whole face.  I guess the only thing I dislike is the heavy smell of oil.  If they manage to come out with a longwear version of this it would make my world a happy place.

Another great product is Estee Lauder Double Wear, now that is pretty impressive, as a combination oily person, it s must for me to wear a foundation that stays on and THIS stays on and look great, it covers ever so well, it can feel a little heavy but you can sheer it out, I DISLIKE THE LACK OF A PUMP, it makes regulating how much you need harder.  Nars Pro Prime Eye Shadow base, while they are cheaper brands that do that, I have to say it offer a lot of product and the shadow stays long than you ever need it to stay on.  When you go to take it off its a bit of work, I wouldn't rush to buy it again because ELF lid primer is just as good at a much lower price.  I hate the white bottom half, it attracts makeup like crazy.

I also love Chanel Le Volume De Chanel.  I bought the waterproof one and it holds a curl and makes me like my short lashes a little bit more.  Tom Ford while stupidly expensive his lipstick feel like butter, the two palettes impressed me in that none of the colours are matte yet don't shine out, they are again soooo smooth so easy to blend and they look like not much can happen but they are pretty pigmented.  They are more luxury than anything, the glitter shade do fall down when apply so I suggest using a glitter base or leaving your base till last, but once on the eye they don't drop down.

I am disappointed with Z Palette in that its not really that much magnet going on so your shadow can still crack or fall out if you tip it with little force, I expected  better but it does the job.

Bobbi Brown Palette and Mac Palette and Z Palette

Bobbi Brown Sheer Pressed Powder

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme and Estee Lauder Double Wear

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX13

Hour Glass Lip Stylo in 3,4 & 5

Armani Eyes To Kill and Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Noir 10

Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base

YSL Rouge Volupte in Oprea Rose and 204

Tom Ford Pink Dusk 07

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Golden Mink 01 and Cognac Sable 02

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I needed a break!!

Hey beauties, to all those that support my blog that come by and check and watch in any form for however long, THANK YOU, I just needed a break to get inspired again for a while I had no inspiration to do any looks.  In all honesty I have hardly worn makeup and when I have, I have shared short video's on my facebook page so check that out
I also bought a new camera which I am learning to use until then just hang in there I am coming back, I can't and won't abandon my love for teaching, filming and wearing makeup, I just needed a moment to catch myself.


Jan x