Monday, 3 March 2014

Light and Bright

When you want that glow and not too much make up on your face or eyes.  To look done up but not over done.  While I love colour, I am most often in neutral colours just because it suits me and I love the softer colours, plus it is much easier to kick this look up than the dial colour back.

This is good for those will combination oily to oily skin as, to get this glow we have to do things a little differently as make up tends to slide from our combination oily to oily skin.  You can do one of 2 things, use strobe cream, high lighting creams and mix them into a longwear foundation or you can use pressed high lights that will give you the glow, the great thing about adding liquid high lights into your foundation is that the glow looks like its coming from within as opposed being put on top of the skin, but this is nothing good blending to do.  Deep skin dark golds, peach go great with our skin.  Find ones that complement your skin and place on the high points of your cheeks and light dust all over that is they high lights are pressed.

Hope you enjoy 


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