Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hey beauties, here is my take on a bridal look, for the first time in London the sun was out and wanted to take advantage of the natural sunlight, and thought it best to do this bridal look.  I hope you enjoy this, its a lot longer because I wanted to to share as much information as I could for this look.  I did add glitter in this look but if you would rather not have glitter you are more than welcome not to add the glitter but I think adding the glitter sets it apart and makes it look rather nice.
I hope you enjoy this, I loved filming this look and once we get better weather i will do more bridal looks as they are so many different types of bridal looks.  If you would like me to do a certain colour please leave a comment below.

I show you the creams, foundations and powders used to save on time.