Monday, 16 December 2013

How To Nude Lipsticks

Hey loves, nude lipsticks and glosses are extremely popular, however for us deep tones we have to do things a little differently. Nude lipstick pretty much go with any look you can come up with.  Nude lipsticks can be really pale or really deep depending on your skin tone.  It is important to first know what a nude lipstick is to you for your skin tone.  The lighter you are the paler your nude can be and the deeper you are the deeper your nude will be.  Don't think one size fits all when it comes to nude lipsticks. Depending on your lip colour a nude lipstick can be pink, beige, brown, orange or coral, the same goes for nude lip glosses.

It is also important to find the right lip liner for your skin tone as this will take the place of your natural lip line and help transition your lip liner to your lipstick.  You want your lip liner be as close to your natural lip colour as possible, your lip liner should also compliment your lipstick.  It should all work together and this will allow your nude lipstick to look really beautiful.  

I share with you how to wear a nude lip from the deepest colours to the really pale for my skin tone, all the nude lipsticks are ones that compliment my skin tone, so you would have to go and find nude lipsticks that suit your skin tone and find the right lip liner for your skin tone, these are steps you need to have in place. 

I hope you enjoy and I hope this encourages you to go out there and find the right nude lipstick and liner for yourself and dive in!

Jan xox

L-R MAC Prrr, Viv Glam Gaga 2, Body Shop High shine lip treatment
and Revlon lip burst in Bellini

L-R Bobbi Brown in Guava, Kate Moss 19, MAC Viva Glam 2
MAC Brave New Bronze

L-R MAC Velvet Teddy, Shanghai Spice, Ravishing,
And Coral Bliss 

L-R YSL,in Nude, YSL Faurbourg Peach, Peach Passion
Honey Beige  

L-R YSL Corial Passion, Tom Ford Spanish Pink,
Tom Ford Sable Smoke & Christian Dior in Award

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Grey Eyes and Red Lips

Hey loves, long time no post, sorry about that I have been up and down London and outside London.  This is my first chance to sit here upload and write a little about this look.  This is a great look for Christmas, Christmas party, even for work because the eyes can be worn to work with a nude or light colour lip, then you can jazz it up later with a red lip and you instantly go from day to night.  

Okay so lets talk red, this is a blood red colour so if this is too bright for you, do look for reds with pinks, purples, blues, or oranges in them so that if you don't like power red you get a softer much easier red to wear. MAC Ruby Woo, Russian Red are very popular, to test if a colour is good for you yes test it out on your lips but if you can't do that, do so on the inside of your finger tips, why because there is no pigment that can disguise the true colour of the lipstick, you then hold it up to your lip. If your lips are pigmented add a little foundation or concealer over your lip lightly then add your lip colour, you will get the true colour showing through. 

Remember to use a lip liner, it helps to frame your lip and stop bleeding of the colour, bleeding is if the lip colour goes outside of your natural lip line, if you want longer wear of your lipstick buy a long-wear lipstick or line your lip and fill it in with the lip liner then add your lipstick over the top, it will not move!  Personally I felt this lip was well balanced... shine on the eye and shine on the lip.  If you wanted to change the look get a black pencil line your upper lash line a little thicker and smudge it out, add more black to your lower lash line smudge that out.  To change from day to night makeup doesn't require you to take everything you have off and start again, if anything its about adding little bits here and there to bring more focus to certain areas of the face.

Zoeva Brushes

Okay love until next time.

Jan x