Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Purple Eyes

Hey loves, I think I have said this but if not now you know, my favourite colour is purple, be it in clothing or makeup.  It works for all skin tones, there so many hues to purple it also flatters all eye colours,  It is my go too when I don't know what to throw on my eyes.  I share with you a quick way to wear purple all over your lids without looking like a clown.  The process is the same for any of you favourite colour.  I could say if your going to do green, your transition colour should be a flat colour closer to your skin tone to take down the harsh edges and soften the colour.  I choose to keep the lip soft because the eyes where my focus and that's what I wanted.  You can have bright lip bright eyes, that works with certain looks.  This way it creates balance.

If you want to know which eyeshadows work well together, get a colour wheel from an Arts and craft store, this will show you complementary colours that work wheel together, then try it out and see.  I downloaded a colour wheel on my phone so check your app store as well.

Jan x 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Neutral Eyes with a Berry Lip

Hey beauties, I did this look with a berry lip but I added  the top picture of the same look just with a nude lip to show you what it would look like, The nude lip is Tom Ford in Spanish Pink, Maybelline Lip liner in African Brown and the gloss was MAC in Florabundance.

This is a look I came up with at 3am, couldn't sleep which is the top picture, I liked it so much that this is the 3rd time for wearing it.  I posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook and folks liked it. I thought I would film the look and share it with you all.  As I say most of the time I am most comfortable with nude, soft pink or coral lips, this was a 3rd time I rocked a berry lip and really preferred it to the nude lip.  Paired with the right eye look, you really can make a berry lip work so well.  

I Hope you enjoy, I also added some glitter to this look but its so subtle.