Monday, 14 October 2013

Date Night

Hey ladies, I'm back with a date night look. Ladies wanting to look right for a date night with the hubbster, boyfriend and or partner, I think this is the perfect look.  Its really simple, effortless and can be done super quickly.  I used just 2 colours and my face powder to blend between the high light and brow bone.

If you want to jazz it up then instead of a soft pink lip like I have you can brighten it up with a red lip or any bright lip of your choice or darker lip because the eye is so simple, this depends on how long you have known your other half, if it say few dates I say stick to soft lip colours, if a few months and or years then brighten it up or deepen your look .

You also opt to not use false lashes, but I loved what lashes brought to this look and chose your lashes wisely, I used ones that are to dramatic but give a great effect.  I put my cheek colour more than I normally do, as I wanted that pinched cheek flirtatious/flushed look.

The key to looking fresh and light is to not use liner in the water line or to put shadow on the lower lash line, use blushes that are either cream or have a sheen to them, if you not allergic lip lacquers and lipsticks make some of a best cream blushes.  I used a matte blush then topped it with a blush that has a nice shine.

Deep skin tones stick to deep pinks, bright corals or reds to get that flushed look, light tones, pinks, berry and reds but dab and blend well, from the ball of the cheek work diagonally using a dense brush that will give you a lot more control, it will allow you to apply and blend well at the same time or apply with a whited (goat  haired) angled brush and blend, if you want extra blend use a stippling brush and go over where you applied. 

Hope you enjoy trying it out.

Jan x


Christina Curtin said...

that is a beautiful look. :)

William Joachim said...

Love information and you being you. feel free to zip a post my way any day. Billy J at
HowToGetBest dot comm

dont like to leave urls in comments

keep up the good work!

Janice Mbazima said...

Thank you Christina Curtin :o, Thank you William Joachim