Saturday, 14 September 2013

Touch Of Gold Glitter

Hey loves, I sorry for posts not being consistent... I am studying and sitting a law exam in the next month so my eyes are in my books a lot of the time.  When I check my blog I see that posts a weeks apart.  End of October things will be different.  I got a chance to film this look that I really love.  It takes a neutral eye and adds some jazz with glitter on the inner corner.  If you wanted to do without the glitter you could and just have a neutral eye.  If you have never tried using glitter and you think it may go wrong, this is an easy way to get introduced to using glitter.
When it comes to glitter there is cosmetic glitter made for the eyes which I suggest if new to using glitter, I happen to have both glitter made for the eyes and arts and craft glitter from an art store or ebay.  Be wise where you buy your glitter from and as I point out in the video be careful when using glitter. I purchased my from Lit Cosmetics glitter made for the eyes.

I have done a few glitter looks on here and they just add some fun to your eyes and you will be very different from anyone else.  If you do want to know more about glitter, I have a video on Lit Cosmetics glitter, I shall add the link to make things easier for you and their web site and also the loose eyeshadows I love so much.

Lit Cosmetics

Lit Cosmetics Product Focus

Earth Glo Minerals

Earth Glo Minerals Product Focus

Jan x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Favourite Highlights and Blushes

Hello loves, here is a few of my favourite highlighters and blushes that I reach for almost all the time.  I wanted to change it up and share something a little different.  
For deeper skin we can't wear things that are ashy on us, so no pale colours golds always makes our skin look so sun kissed, rose golds gives us a hint of colour while highlighting the face.  Highlight is best places on or above the cheek bones, where the light get caught and it looks amazing.  Blending your blush with your highlight makes for a beautiful soft focus colour and it allows your cheeks to shine with that healthy glow you may hear makeup artists talk about.

There are many companies that do highlighters and blushes, these are just my favourite colours and finishes, they apply smoothly, and last for a long time.
The stand out blushes are the Tom Ford blushes while very expensive for a blush, their lasting power really stands out and the colour combination and finish which I don't see often and its Tom Ford, that alone give you a head start in pricing.  Also MAC Double Definition the first photo is by far one of my favourite highlights, the deep gold just makes my skin look so nice, I use it all the time, such that I must force myself to use other things.

Jan x

Mac in Double Definition

Tom Ford in Flush and Narcissist (star product)

Chanel in Pink Explosion

L-R Mac in Star Wonder, So Ceylon, Superb and Double Definition

L-R Illamasqua in Tweak, Hussy and Nars in Deep Throat