Thursday, 20 June 2013

New Cosmetics

Hey beauties, I didn't lose my mind this time so a small tidy haul.  There are some sales going on, I got some thing I sales and beauty supply stores.  
Do take advantage of sales because you can stock up and or try some new things out there.  I shall post some link to where some great sales are.  
Harrods has a sale right now and if you don't like the high prices or high end products then take advantage of this sale because they have cut down their prices, oooo you know I will, Illamasqua also has a sale and they really break it down and lastly Love-makeup has a sale its slowly coming to a close but they keep adding a few things.  also check the perfume section there is a sale on Harrods website.



Check Illamasqua in a few days the sale right now only shows for VIP shoppers.

Sleek Eyeliners, Lip Liner and Avon Brow Pencil

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