Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Black Dramatic Lined Eyes

Hey beauties I share with you a thicker liner look, that is easy to get done.  You can change this to whatever colour you like.  Its easy to get a dramatic look without have to do through the blending to create smoke.  As the eyes are pretty simple I went with glossy skin, softer blush.  If I was to do with again I would use a cream blush, everything is light accept the eyes so that remain the focus of the look. 

I liked that as the day went on it looked creased, but if you don't want that the put down a primer then use a stay in place pencil, I just used a stay in place pencil. The lashes are also dramatic, full the thick also a reason why I didn't put much on my lower lash line just to balance the look out.

I Hope you like and try it out. Until my next post 

Jan x  

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