Monday, 11 March 2013

Product Focus: Earth Glo Minerals

Hey beauties, I share with you a product focus video.  This where I shed some light on a company who's products I am most impressed with, in this case it is Earth Glo Minerals.  Mineral makeup if you don't know is all natural makeup, free of a lot of junk that tends not to be good for our skin.  

Earth Glo Minerals was started by Dana Frankovich, she owns the company and makes the makeup.  I first bought these loose eye shadows about 4 years ago.  The products impressed me so much that I made a video about them.  I wanted to do an updated one as it was a very long time ago, I have grown in my makeup knowledge and have expanded to include a lot more colours from Earth Glo Minerals.

Earth Glo Minerals shadows have no sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates. 100% natural, vegan, gluten and cruelty free. Allows skin to breathe, great for people with rosacea or acne, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. No nanos, free from perfumes, talc, oils, bismuth oxychloride, dyes or parabens.  They are cruelty free and are not tested on any animals. 

Mineral makeup will not clog pores, will not irritate your skin as it contains natural goodness, I find for me one of the major causes of break out is having face products with perfume, talc, dye them, which break up the natural ph balance in your skin, personally I see now reason for any face products to contain perfume in them.

The eyeshadows come in 5ml clear plastic cases, I show you the old packaging and the new packaging in the video along with wet and dry swatches.

The cost of the eyeshadow is $3.99 when converted to British Pound Sterling £2.67 and converted into the Euro is it 3.06

Shipping within the US is at a flat rate of $6.00
Shipping Internationally ORDERS UNDER $50.00 is $12.00
Shipping Internationally ORDERS OVER $50.00 is $20.00

If you live In Europe expect your order to take 1-2 weeks to arrive, Dana is gracious enough to always include samples of eyeshadow with your order


Earth Glo Mineral Facebook Pages

Hope you enjoy and I hope you purchase, you will not be disappointed

Jan xoxo


S. Wallace said...

I love the pigmentation of these shadows.

Janice Mbazima said...

They are so good, and really high quality, if you purchase let me know what you think :) thanks for checking out my page

Yvodney Washington said...

Great shades! Very nice.

Janice Mbazima said...

Thank you Yvodney :)