Monday, 18 March 2013

New Cosmetics

Hey beauties, I'm back this is I guess part 2 of the extra long haul, I split it because frankly who wants to watch me for 42 minutes, not even I would so I spared you all and cut it :) however I share the other half.  I did purchased all these things over a 2 month period and just put them away however I didn't realise I collected so much.  
Things I am most happy with are the lip liners which I never ever thought I would get into using, but since collecting so many colourful lippies for me I must have a lip liner to balance out the colour.  The brushes and the lashes are just a must for me, bought lashes that I had never tried before and bought a brand of brushes that is new to me.

Until next video

Jan x

Links to where i bought my purchases


Love Make-Up UK OCC



Lushand Verdant said...

lovely lip color application!

Janice Mbazima said...

Thanks so much Lushand Verdant ;o)