Friday, 22 March 2013

Golden Neutral Eye with Bright Lip

Hey beauties, I bring to you this look that literally I have been rocking because its so easy to throw on and I loved the bright lip.  Now I have slowly really slowly embraced brighter lips. I never used to wear any kind of bright lip but now I love it and if you want to go bright there is nothing brighter than Candy Yum Yum  by MAC, it is a bright neon pink colour, but off course you do not have to wear it like that and paired with the deeper lip liner helps bring the brightness down and the gloss pulls it all together.  With or without gloss the lip colour is simply gorgeous.  If like me you are nervous about bright lips start with a stain, or wearing a bright lip dumbed down or lightly on and work up to neon, you can embrace the trend and still be in your comfort zone. 

Enough talking I hope you enjoy

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Jan x 


Christina Curtin said...

beautiful, really nice :)

Janice Mbazima said...

Awww Thank you Christina :)

Maia Rose said...

hello!! such a pretty look!!!

followed you blog!!

Janice Mbazima said...

Thanks Maia Rose, welcome ;o) shall checkout your blog too