Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Foundation Collection

Hey Beauties, I am sooooooooo excited about this video, because foundation is the beginning of our makeup look and if that isn't right well, you might as well stop right there!

For us deeper toned or ebony skinned, it is very hard to find the right colour why? While more brands cater for deeper ebony tones which is good. They still don't get that though our over tone is brown the under tone can sometimes be different eg I am brown but have a yellow undertone.  I find that cosmetics companies struggle to cater for ebony tones, its either too yellow or far to red and also there are some that sit in between yellow and red, for that reason you find you have to mix and match your foundation, I find I have to do the very same.  While its fine to mix and match with cheaper brands, I shouldn't have to, nor should I if I am purchasing high end foundation eg my YSL, Chanel or Tom Ford which sadly, I have to mix.

To help you out you should test your foundation in NATURAL LIGHT, this is to help you really see the true colour of the foundation against your skin, take more than one sample colour off course.  Be mindful that once you purchase some brands do not take returns if you have opened and or used the product, so take your time to test the colours out.
Test by your jawline, so you can see it matches your collar bone. Take a picture of yourself and see if you match.
Different brands will vary in colour but that's okay so long as its not far too light or dark for you.

You also have to know what exactly you want out of your foundation example, what kind of coverage full, medium or light.  What do you want it to address, blemishes, uneven skin tone etc.  This step should go hand in hand with your concealer of choice.  You can have two types of concealer one to high light the other to cover spots, depending on your problem area. For deeper skin tone or ebony orange correcters will correct grey areas, which usually occur around the mouth. chin or under the eyes and if you have really pink tones, you want a more of a yellow concealer to balance your skin tone out and if you have more pink tone you want more yellow concealer.

What type of finish do you want in your foundation, do you want dewy, satin or matte, for oily skin is suggest matte finish.  Also what type of finish in foundation, I prefer liquid foundation, I like the finish it gives, how quick it is to apply and how easily it blends with my concealer. You may want powder, stick, cream or liquid foundation.

Also which brand, the quality of foundation matters, though drug store brands are stepping up their game, and high end doesn't always mean great quality, just find what is best by getting samples. Sit with the makeup artist ask the questions, get colour matched, wear that foundation and see if its right fit for you, if your are spending the money spend the time, you will end up enjoying your foundation much more.

Using the right tools, ask the makeup artist what brush is best to apply with eg sometimes fingers are best, maybe a traditional paint brush, a duo fiber brush or even kabuki style. I have certainly found this to be important, eg my Chanel Lumiere applies better with a kabuki brush other wise it looks powdery.

Any questions please leave them in the comments section, and I will do my very best to help you out.

I hope you enjoy

Jan x

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