Sunday, 24 February 2013

Favourite Lipsticks

Hey beauties, I share with you my favourite lipsticks... now I famously never liked lipsticks because I have bigger lips and really didn't understand how to use them.  Over time I bit the bullet and just started collecting. Two years ago I had just 1 lipstick, now I have about 40 and counting. I recently begun to focus on brighter colours because a huge chunk of my colours are in my comfort zone of nude, peach or soft pinks. When worn right bright colours are so much fun and can really pull your look together.  

What is important in lipstick, to me a few things are important, if your new to makeup you may think nothing about it, but as you try brands and get to know about your makeup, you will begin to understand whats really in the price you pay.  Do I think price is important YES I do, why.  Sometimes when you buy either or you get what you pay for.  Not all expensive lipsticks will live up to their price and not all cheaper lipsticks will please your pocket.  
For example YSL Rouge Volupte at £23.50 expensive, AMAZING intense colour however for the price I expect better staying power, you also find shades that you may not find in Boots, the packaging is just out of this world. With this range of lipsticks, the intensity in colour is such that one swipe and you have enough on your lip, however you find you have to reapply it a few times during the day, which means you end up finishing it quicker than say a lipstick that you apply and reapply once or not at all.  

What I look for in a lipstick is firstly the colour, when I walk up to a counter I want to buy something I don't have or maybe a shade in that family, I want pay off, I want lasting power, I want to see the price, does  it bleed, how may times do I need to apply,  and lastly what kind of finish is it? 

Types of finishes most often seen

Glaze - Small amout of pay off goes on like a lip balm with shine and a little colour
Satin - Has great colour has some shine but not drying
Shimer - Has both colour and shimmer particals and has some gloss
Demi Matte - A lot of colour pay off, not drying, andshould last on the lips
Matte - Intense colour pay off, can be drying and lasts on the lips, tends not to skip

Hope you enjoy and see you in my next post


Ebay (great place to find all kinds of lipstick...but be careful, don't invest in what you can't afford to lose) 

Harrods (for the high end lipsticks)
Tom Ford in Aphrodisiac


Hanzy ReginaPhalange said...

Lovely post, so informative for someone like me who has just too gotten really stuck into lipsticks and bright ones at that! I love the Shiseido color!

Janice Mbazima said...

Thanks you love, I don't just want to show you things, I want to share what I know, what I learn :)