Thursday, 28 February 2013

Easy Wearable Brown

Hey beauties, I am back with another easy look for you to wear.  Personally I love colour and dynamics looks but when I choose to wear make up most often its a soft colour or gold, but when I want to crank it up and just make the colour deeper. There is a colour I want to suggest you buy, why I went to the Chanel counter today looking for a soft pink blush and I found it as I paid the Chanel lady complemented my make up asking me what I used on my eyes to her amazement I told her I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 24K Gold, she fixed her eyes where Maybelline is sold in Boots, the product is right under her nose, if nothing at all go check it out... when I see this is a bad ass stay in place eyeshadow please believe me and its only £4.99.

I hope you enjoy this look, I know that these looks are easier to do and for most people even myself are the go to look we wear when making ourselves up.  You don't have to do the bright lip you can put a soft pink, a nude or peach, however I think the bright lip balances the look out, you could even wear the bright lip then pat your lip with you finger or dab with a tissue to create a stain or to soften up the colour and you are good to go.  If you wanted more darkness on the top lash line just add a black pencil liner and smudge it out, if yet more throw on those false lashes :)

I like to give you alternative, just in case you want more intensity, hope you like and enjoy.

Jan xox
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Sleek Cosmetics

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Favourite Lipsticks

Hey beauties, I share with you my favourite lipsticks... now I famously never liked lipsticks because I have bigger lips and really didn't understand how to use them.  Over time I bit the bullet and just started collecting. Two years ago I had just 1 lipstick, now I have about 40 and counting. I recently begun to focus on brighter colours because a huge chunk of my colours are in my comfort zone of nude, peach or soft pinks. When worn right bright colours are so much fun and can really pull your look together.  

What is important in lipstick, to me a few things are important, if your new to makeup you may think nothing about it, but as you try brands and get to know about your makeup, you will begin to understand whats really in the price you pay.  Do I think price is important YES I do, why.  Sometimes when you buy either or you get what you pay for.  Not all expensive lipsticks will live up to their price and not all cheaper lipsticks will please your pocket.  
For example YSL Rouge Volupte at £23.50 expensive, AMAZING intense colour however for the price I expect better staying power, you also find shades that you may not find in Boots, the packaging is just out of this world. With this range of lipsticks, the intensity in colour is such that one swipe and you have enough on your lip, however you find you have to reapply it a few times during the day, which means you end up finishing it quicker than say a lipstick that you apply and reapply once or not at all.  

What I look for in a lipstick is firstly the colour, when I walk up to a counter I want to buy something I don't have or maybe a shade in that family, I want pay off, I want lasting power, I want to see the price, does  it bleed, how may times do I need to apply,  and lastly what kind of finish is it? 

Types of finishes most often seen

Glaze - Small amout of pay off goes on like a lip balm with shine and a little colour
Satin - Has great colour has some shine but not drying
Shimer - Has both colour and shimmer particals and has some gloss
Demi Matte - A lot of colour pay off, not drying, andshould last on the lips
Matte - Intense colour pay off, can be drying and lasts on the lips, tends not to skip

Hope you enjoy and see you in my next post


Ebay (great place to find all kinds of lipstick...but be careful, don't invest in what you can't afford to lose) 

Harrods (for the high end lipsticks)
Tom Ford in Aphrodisiac

Friday, 22 February 2013

Matte Grey

Hey beauties, I bring you the easy look which you can throw on for work, for the day or just when you want to look done up but not overly done.  These are my go to looks, I rarely where colour mostly gold or taupe colours, more neutral if I want colour I well wear a purple liner.  I love colour but its not an everyday look that most people will wear so from time to time I share what I would normally wear.  with most things I always tell you how can change it up if you want more metallic then use Maybelline Colour tattoo in On and On Bronze or Mac Satin Taupe and keep the rest matte, you could add a black on the outer corner to gain more smoke and add black liner on the outer lower lash line and then add a false lash then you are all jazzed up.

PS... I didn't do the hair yesterday more like last month, but posted other video's because they were more exciting I thought.

I don't remember which foundation i used but the concealer is MAC NW40 Pressed powder is by Sleek Tan 106

Jan x

Monday, 18 February 2013

New Cosmetics Purchases

Hey beauties, I'm back with a shopping haul of what I have collected.  I didn't buy all these things in one go.  I bought and collected my purchases over a month and a bit before I shot this video.  
I have been most impressed with Earth Glo Minerals, Tom Ford Cheek Colour and Lipsticks, The Tom Ford Cheek Colour needs less than a dab and lasts for hours on the cheek for that reason the high price can be justified but most of the money spent on the cheek colour is the name.  The Chanel Lipsticks where also very impressive, the felt really good on the lip, not drying, they didn't settle in the lines of the lip, they glided over the lip, didn't tug the lip, both responded well when worn by themselves and paired with a gloss, lastly the Chanel glosses are just amazing, they feel like a jelly substance, easy to wear, not sticky but feel thick, they don't smell funny, they are expensive at £25, you could highly likely find dupes for these colours, however the texture and feel of these glosses is not easy to replicate.

The Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill was interesting, I loved the colour, its a gold mixed with black and goes on as a dark gold.  

Jan x

Chanel Lipstick in Enjouee
Maybelline Pulse Perfection 

Pulse Perfection brush

Earth Glo Minerals

Earth Glo Minerals Swatches 

Free Earth Glo Minerals  

Chanel Rouge Allure De Gloss Insolence and Genie

Chanel Insolence swatch

Chanel Genie swatch

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill number 15

Giorgio Armani 15 swatch

Shiseido Lipstick in RS320

Tom Ford Cheek colour in Narcissist 

Top Lipstick L-R Nude Vanille, Aphrodisiac, Narcotic Rouge

Tom Ford 

Illamasqua Matte Eyeshadow

Illamasqua Liquid metal

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines or Date Look

Hey beauties, I am back with y last Valentines Day , this less dramatic look, so so nice, especially those with brown eye, purples makes your eye colour pop.  I loved how this turned out and I loved the blush I used, those that are deep or ebony tone should know an orange blush though scary, trust e it is so beautiful on deep tones, like when see pal skin with pink blush, how that looks soooooo freaking beautiful.  I loved the way this turned out.  Though this is full colour, its not so dramatic, rather its pretty and flirty, off course if you wanted you.

You can wear this look for many different occasions and if you don't want it to berr
bgTip: instead of rubbing you brush back and forth over your eye, tap the brush instead, you will get a more concentrated colour that will be bright.

Jan xoxox Happy Valentines Day from y heart to yours :)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Burgundy Smokie

Hey Beauties, I came up with this look today, I thought instead of your more traditional black smokie eye, I would do this burgundy smokie eye, it is dark enough that if you like black it can be a great substitute but also for those that may want colour it can be seen.  Smokie eyes are always romantic and sexy on every skin tone, I did a lot more talking to try and explain how to use the brushes as I truly don't want you to just watch but bust out your makeup recreate this look for yourself, I hope you do.

Happy Valentines Days, I came up with another look which I will post on Wednesday


On my Face
Clinique Dramatically Different Gel Moisturizer 
Lancome La Base Pro
Mix of Tom Ford Traceless Foundation in Warm Almond 11 & LOreal True Match in N8
Conceal MAC Pro Longwear in NW40
Set under eye with Constance Craoll in Translucent 2
Rest of my face set with Sleek Superior Pressed Powder in Tan 106

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentines Day or Date

Hey beauties, as its Valentines Day soon, I came up with this look, I came up with another look which I will post on Monday, just so you have the time if you want to wear it to practice it.  I love purple, it is hands down my favourite colour to the point where I have to talk myself into using other colours.  I think jewel tones goes very well with a lot of different skin tone and is easy to wear whether you want something simple or more defined.  I hope you enjoy this look :)

On My Face
Foundation Chanel Perfection Lumiere in shade Ambre 94
Concealer MAC NW40
Set under eyes only with Contance Caroll in Translucent 2
All over face powder is Sleek Pressed Powder in Tan 106


Loose Eye Shadow Earth Glo minerals

Sleek Cosmetics

See you soon Jan

Friday, 8 February 2013

Responding to the Liebster Award

I was nominated by +SeleneGalindo and I was so surprised, I am finally getting round to responding to the nomination.

Here are my questions for you: 

  1. What is your favorite makeup look?
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  3. What one beauty product can't you live without?
  4. Who is the person in your life that knows you the best?
  5. How long does it take you to get ready on an average day?
  6. If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?
  7. What else, besides what you blog about, are you passionate about?
  8. What is the greatest lesson you've learned in life?
  9. Are you an indoors or outdoors kind of person?
  10. What is your biggest goal/dream that you would love see realized?
  11. What is your favorite accessory?
1)      Personally I love a more simple look, a bronze or gold on the lid, mascara  and a nude lip, a bit of blush a simple false lash, I have super short lashes. Or a smudgy black pencil on the lid with brown.  Or purple on the lower lash line a winged liner and a false lash and a nude lip.  I could go on but let me stop!

2)      Zambia or Brazil, just always loved Brazil and Zambia where my dad is from.

3)      Mascara, I have super short lashes ...most probably Rimmel, would love to try Armani Eyes to Kill and Lancome Hynose.

4)      My mum know me like the back of her hand.

5)      45 minutes to do my makeup flawless, but less if i'm just slapping it on :)

6)      Read minds, that would be nice, save me some hassle, especially if going for job interview

7)      I love reading a lot and listening to music, I don’t move without music.

8)      Patients truly is a learn skilled, its important to love your loved ones and say you love them.

9)      Indoors, you have tv, people, music, computer, and FOOD!

10)    To get my LLB and become a Lawyer

11)  My bracelets, they never come off my hands


I am 31
I am British born of Zambia and Zimbabwean heritage
I speak my African native language which I love Nyanja and love that I am African, so proud
I am left handed even though I use my right hand very well
I looooovvvveeee ice cream
I live for tennis, I am sports feign, I love watching football, American football, tennis, rugby, nba, ice hockey etc… the list goes on and I am a deep sports lover, favourite footie team is Manchester United and I’m sooo good at calling sports, I called the Ravens would win Super Bowl a month before the Super Bowl final, really I did.
I am very happy person, giving and loving just the way I’m built but cross me and its not pretty, however I do not hold grudges, hope it doesn't sound like i'm tooting my own horn, it was a question :).
I love the crime chanel, favourite show is The First 48, I want to be a lawyer
I am a Christian, proudly so
I hate clothe shopping, just can’t do it, like trying on clothes on shop to the next, nope can't do it.
My father passed away when I just turned 18, and I was a daddies girl, I became a woman because of my wonderful mum.

I nominate

and anyone lady in beauty, I don't know too many people, I am new to communities sorry, so any lady who wants to take part please feel free to do so and hopefully we will know each other better.

My questions for you

1.What surprises you about makeup?
2.What product would you recommend I or others try out?
3.Whats your favourite thing to do?
4.Who do you owe the greatest debt to?
5.If you could be anyone who would it be and why?
6.What is your favourite colour?
7.What one thing would surprise me about you?
8.What is you best asset?
9.Who is your best friend/s?
10.Why do you love beauty? 
11. What has been your hardest lesson?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Foundation Collection

Hey Beauties, I am sooooooooo excited about this video, because foundation is the beginning of our makeup look and if that isn't right well, you might as well stop right there!

For us deeper toned or ebony skinned, it is very hard to find the right colour why? While more brands cater for deeper ebony tones which is good. They still don't get that though our over tone is brown the under tone can sometimes be different eg I am brown but have a yellow undertone.  I find that cosmetics companies struggle to cater for ebony tones, its either too yellow or far to red and also there are some that sit in between yellow and red, for that reason you find you have to mix and match your foundation, I find I have to do the very same.  While its fine to mix and match with cheaper brands, I shouldn't have to, nor should I if I am purchasing high end foundation eg my YSL, Chanel or Tom Ford which sadly, I have to mix.

To help you out you should test your foundation in NATURAL LIGHT, this is to help you really see the true colour of the foundation against your skin, take more than one sample colour off course.  Be mindful that once you purchase some brands do not take returns if you have opened and or used the product, so take your time to test the colours out.
Test by your jawline, so you can see it matches your collar bone. Take a picture of yourself and see if you match.
Different brands will vary in colour but that's okay so long as its not far too light or dark for you.

You also have to know what exactly you want out of your foundation example, what kind of coverage full, medium or light.  What do you want it to address, blemishes, uneven skin tone etc.  This step should go hand in hand with your concealer of choice.  You can have two types of concealer one to high light the other to cover spots, depending on your problem area. For deeper skin tone or ebony orange correcters will correct grey areas, which usually occur around the mouth. chin or under the eyes and if you have really pink tones, you want a more of a yellow concealer to balance your skin tone out and if you have more pink tone you want more yellow concealer.

What type of finish do you want in your foundation, do you want dewy, satin or matte, for oily skin is suggest matte finish.  Also what type of finish in foundation, I prefer liquid foundation, I like the finish it gives, how quick it is to apply and how easily it blends with my concealer. You may want powder, stick, cream or liquid foundation.

Also which brand, the quality of foundation matters, though drug store brands are stepping up their game, and high end doesn't always mean great quality, just find what is best by getting samples. Sit with the makeup artist ask the questions, get colour matched, wear that foundation and see if its right fit for you, if your are spending the money spend the time, you will end up enjoying your foundation much more.

Using the right tools, ask the makeup artist what brush is best to apply with eg sometimes fingers are best, maybe a traditional paint brush, a duo fiber brush or even kabuki style. I have certainly found this to be important, eg my Chanel Lumiere applies better with a kabuki brush other wise it looks powdery.

Any questions please leave them in the comments section, and I will do my very best to help you out.

I hope you enjoy

Jan x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Metallic Pink (Date or Night out)

Hey beauties, I have been loving pinks and purples, and I came up with this look, which can be worn on a date, or a night out!  I didn't know where I was going with this look as it got on, it looked rather metallic hence the name.  I love pinks and purples mixed together, I think it suits my skin tone very well.  I hope you enjoy watching and recreating.  As its February...Valentines month it can be worn for a date night with you other half or soon to be boyfriends/girlfriend. I think, maybe not a first date as I think you should be more natural just done up natural with say one key focus point either thick liner, a bright lip or coloured liner, coloured mascara or bolder cheek colour.

I hope you enjoy
Jan xx

Technic Electric Palette (eBay)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Favourites

Hey Beauties, favourites time, I will try to do this every month but sometimes I forget to post these. I love sharing what I have enjoyed using, it also serves a reminder to me of what I used and what I loved using. There is a mixture of high end and low range products, cheap doesn't always mean bad and high end doesn't always mean great, but so far I have pretty blessed.  The products I have bought very very few are bad quality, possible 1 in every ten products are bad which is pretty good and I know what I am looking for, I rarely follow what other people buy, sometimes I do and if I do, I do my own research on the products if I and really find out as much as I can before I purchase.  

Please forgive me, I have such a heavy cold, I tried my best to edit coughs and sniffs out, I'm still sick but I must carry on :)

Jan x

Maybelline Fit Foundation in 355

L'Oreal True Match in N8 Cappuccino 
Lancome La Base Pro

Lancome La Base Pro
Foundation Brushes L-R Sigma Round Top Kabuki F82
 and Real Technics Foundation Brush 
LOreal Super Line Carbon Gloss Black
And Avon Super Shock in Black
YSL Super Shock Mascara
L-R Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Endless Purple
And MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
L-R Illamasqua Blush in Tweak and Nars in Deep Throat
L-R MAC in Pink Lemonade Chanel in Insolence 57 and Revlon in Bellini

Lit Cosmetics Glitter

Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Roxy Roller

Tom Ford Lipstick in Narcotic Rouge

Tom Ford Lipstick in Narcotic Rouge

All The Swatches