Monday, 16 December 2013

How To Nude Lipsticks

Hey loves, nude lipsticks and glosses are extremely popular, however for us deep tones we have to do things a little differently. Nude lipstick pretty much go with any look you can come up with.  Nude lipsticks can be really pale or really deep depending on your skin tone.  It is important to first know what a nude lipstick is to you for your skin tone.  The lighter you are the paler your nude can be and the deeper you are the deeper your nude will be.  Don't think one size fits all when it comes to nude lipsticks. Depending on your lip colour a nude lipstick can be pink, beige, brown, orange or coral, the same goes for nude lip glosses.

It is also important to find the right lip liner for your skin tone as this will take the place of your natural lip line and help transition your lip liner to your lipstick.  You want your lip liner be as close to your natural lip colour as possible, your lip liner should also compliment your lipstick.  It should all work together and this will allow your nude lipstick to look really beautiful.  

I share with you how to wear a nude lip from the deepest colours to the really pale for my skin tone, all the nude lipsticks are ones that compliment my skin tone, so you would have to go and find nude lipsticks that suit your skin tone and find the right lip liner for your skin tone, these are steps you need to have in place. 

I hope you enjoy and I hope this encourages you to go out there and find the right nude lipstick and liner for yourself and dive in!

Jan xox

L-R MAC Prrr, Viv Glam Gaga 2, Body Shop High shine lip treatment
and Revlon lip burst in Bellini

L-R Bobbi Brown in Guava, Kate Moss 19, MAC Viva Glam 2
MAC Brave New Bronze

L-R MAC Velvet Teddy, Shanghai Spice, Ravishing,
And Coral Bliss 

L-R YSL,in Nude, YSL Faurbourg Peach, Peach Passion
Honey Beige  

L-R YSL Corial Passion, Tom Ford Spanish Pink,
Tom Ford Sable Smoke & Christian Dior in Award

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Grey Eyes and Red Lips

Hey loves, long time no post, sorry about that I have been up and down London and outside London.  This is my first chance to sit here upload and write a little about this look.  This is a great look for Christmas, Christmas party, even for work because the eyes can be worn to work with a nude or light colour lip, then you can jazz it up later with a red lip and you instantly go from day to night.  

Okay so lets talk red, this is a blood red colour so if this is too bright for you, do look for reds with pinks, purples, blues, or oranges in them so that if you don't like power red you get a softer much easier red to wear. MAC Ruby Woo, Russian Red are very popular, to test if a colour is good for you yes test it out on your lips but if you can't do that, do so on the inside of your finger tips, why because there is no pigment that can disguise the true colour of the lipstick, you then hold it up to your lip. If your lips are pigmented add a little foundation or concealer over your lip lightly then add your lip colour, you will get the true colour showing through. 

Remember to use a lip liner, it helps to frame your lip and stop bleeding of the colour, bleeding is if the lip colour goes outside of your natural lip line, if you want longer wear of your lipstick buy a long-wear lipstick or line your lip and fill it in with the lip liner then add your lipstick over the top, it will not move!  Personally I felt this lip was well balanced... shine on the eye and shine on the lip.  If you wanted to change the look get a black pencil line your upper lash line a little thicker and smudge it out, add more black to your lower lash line smudge that out.  To change from day to night makeup doesn't require you to take everything you have off and start again, if anything its about adding little bits here and there to bring more focus to certain areas of the face.

Zoeva Brushes

Okay love until next time.

Jan x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Purple Eyes

Hey loves, I think I have said this but if not now you know, my favourite colour is purple, be it in clothing or makeup.  It works for all skin tones, there so many hues to purple it also flatters all eye colours,  It is my go too when I don't know what to throw on my eyes.  I share with you a quick way to wear purple all over your lids without looking like a clown.  The process is the same for any of you favourite colour.  I could say if your going to do green, your transition colour should be a flat colour closer to your skin tone to take down the harsh edges and soften the colour.  I choose to keep the lip soft because the eyes where my focus and that's what I wanted.  You can have bright lip bright eyes, that works with certain looks.  This way it creates balance.

If you want to know which eyeshadows work well together, get a colour wheel from an Arts and craft store, this will show you complementary colours that work wheel together, then try it out and see.  I downloaded a colour wheel on my phone so check your app store as well.

Jan x 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Neutral Eyes with a Berry Lip

Hey beauties, I did this look with a berry lip but I added  the top picture of the same look just with a nude lip to show you what it would look like, The nude lip is Tom Ford in Spanish Pink, Maybelline Lip liner in African Brown and the gloss was MAC in Florabundance.

This is a look I came up with at 3am, couldn't sleep which is the top picture, I liked it so much that this is the 3rd time for wearing it.  I posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook and folks liked it. I thought I would film the look and share it with you all.  As I say most of the time I am most comfortable with nude, soft pink or coral lips, this was a 3rd time I rocked a berry lip and really preferred it to the nude lip.  Paired with the right eye look, you really can make a berry lip work so well.  

I Hope you enjoy, I also added some glitter to this look but its so subtle. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

New Cosmetics

Hey beauties, I finally bought some new things much needed to my collections, so I share with you.  I have been a  long fan of Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Tom Ford so I picked up some stuff from each place, stuff I know I will use.  At heart I am neutral makeup girl or soft colours, its stuff I would reach for most often and even for other people, its makeup they would reach to use and want to know how to use most of the time.  I did mention the Guerlain didn't swatch well at all but very different when using a brush and under a primer.  Most impressed is the Illamasqua foundation while not my colour I use to highlight my face and you need such a small amount that you use a small amount thus getting your moneys worth.  Tom Ford doesn't disappoint nor does the Lancome foundation, impressed that high end makeup is beginning to understand undertones and cater for us deeper tones.

I'm lucky that while they don't get my colour perfectly right, I can mix and match and correct what they get wrong.  I say this because while I am black my skin has a yellow undertone so too much red makes me look sun burnt and too much yellow makes me look like a ghost, having foundations that are too red or yellow can be easily fixed, for their asking price I shouldn't have to but what can you do??

See you soon

J x
Guerlain Palettes L-R Ombre Eclat L'Instant Fauve 142, L'Instant Fleuri 161
& L'Heure D'Ambre 341

Rimmel Mascaras Lash Accelerator and Lycra Flex

Rimmel Apocalips L-R Big Bang and Stellar

L'Oreal Mattifying Primer

L-R Tom Ford in Ravish Estee Lauder in Sunset Shimmer

L-R Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in 230 & 320 L'Oreal True Match
& Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hrs 

Lippies L-R Mac Velvet Teddy, Guerlain Apricot Peach
&  Dolce & Gabbana Baby Darling

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wearable Brown Smokie Eyes

Hey loves, I share with you an easy brown smokie eye which you can wear even to work as its not jet black. This can also be a fall look because of a burgundy brown, warmed cheeks and warm lip.
The lashes I used where Ardell Wipies, it is the first time buying and using Ardell and I have to say I am not a fan of these lashes and will stick to my favourite Redcherry.
The fun thing about this look is you can change it into a night look using a black eyeliner and using a pencil brush to create definition and depth.  Blind the black more above you crease to make the eye look bigger and smoke out with a transition and you brow bone, change your orange lip to a rep lip or deep lip colour and if you don't lip deep lips then nude or soft pink.

See you next video

Jan x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Date Night

Hey ladies, I'm back with a date night look. Ladies wanting to look right for a date night with the hubbster, boyfriend and or partner, I think this is the perfect look.  Its really simple, effortless and can be done super quickly.  I used just 2 colours and my face powder to blend between the high light and brow bone.

If you want to jazz it up then instead of a soft pink lip like I have you can brighten it up with a red lip or any bright lip of your choice or darker lip because the eye is so simple, this depends on how long you have known your other half, if it say few dates I say stick to soft lip colours, if a few months and or years then brighten it up or deepen your look .

You also opt to not use false lashes, but I loved what lashes brought to this look and chose your lashes wisely, I used ones that are to dramatic but give a great effect.  I put my cheek colour more than I normally do, as I wanted that pinched cheek flirtatious/flushed look.

The key to looking fresh and light is to not use liner in the water line or to put shadow on the lower lash line, use blushes that are either cream or have a sheen to them, if you not allergic lip lacquers and lipsticks make some of a best cream blushes.  I used a matte blush then topped it with a blush that has a nice shine.

Deep skin tones stick to deep pinks, bright corals or reds to get that flushed look, light tones, pinks, berry and reds but dab and blend well, from the ball of the cheek work diagonally using a dense brush that will give you a lot more control, it will allow you to apply and blend well at the same time or apply with a whited (goat  haired) angled brush and blend, if you want extra blend use a stippling brush and go over where you applied. 

Hope you enjoy trying it out.

Jan x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Favourite Bright Lipsticks

Hey loves, I share with you my favourite bright lipsticks. Now I never confidently thought I could wear a bright lip and all I had in my collection was nudes, soft coral and soft pinks.  I finally got the courage to just buy a bright lip and paired it with the right look, at the time that was a red lip, big winged liner and lashes.  A good ratio with bright lips is less eye makeup and bold lip to avoid both competing with each other.  
If you don't want to wear a simple eye and bold lip,there so many ways to wear a really defined eye that does not compete with your bright lip and yes in some cases you can do bold eyes and bright lips, you just have to find the right look.  In my last video I did a silver eye and a bright coral lip.  I kept the brightness just on the lid so that the silver was peaking out and not over taking my full lid and loaded my bright coral lip which I really really enjoyed.  I swatched a few of the lipsticks on my lips but the video got too long so opted to swatch the last few on my hand.  You can opt to hold a bight lip to your lip to see if it does match well with your eye look or wear the bright lip take a picture and see how it looks.  It should complement and not take away from your finished look.  Bright lips should be enjoyed as they are a fun pop of colour and or take it up to super sexy with a smokie eye and bright purple and fuchsia lip.

Jan x

MAC Viva Glam Nicki, Girl About Town, Candy Yum Yum, Heroine

Shiseido RS320, Bourjois Fuchsia Graffitti, MAC in Overich
& MAC Up The Amp

Chanel in Enjoee, Tom Ford in Narcotic Rouge, Tom Ford in Aphrodisiac
 & YSL Fuchsia In Rage

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Primers and Bases

Hey loves, primers and bases have become very important in make up because they do a few things.  Those of use who have oily lids can now enjoy wearing make up without it creasing or fading off.  A primer is a product that goes all over the lid and or the lower lash line and acts as a buffer between your lid and your shadow.  It does not allow the oils of your lids to come through and spoil all your hard work, you can then put whatever colour on top as it either drys to a cream finish or drys clear.  There is also coloured shadows with built in base, that is to say they also don't crease and fade while they have colour.  Primers are now so widely available, while yes some don't do a good job they are so many that do from high end right down to the lowest end.  I share a wide ranger of coloured shadows and a primer.  Using a primers for my eyeshadow has become like second nature, its I don't skip unless /i am wearing no eyeshadow at all. 

Using a primer or long wear shadow allows your your eye makeup to last a long time, very good for people with oily lids like myself, for functions where you don't want to retouch your makeup, and just for long wear.

See you soon loves

Jan x 

MAC Paint post in Quite Natural and Painterly

Benefit Busy Signal, MAC Dip Down & Maybelline Black

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Forever & Endless Purple

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Forever & Earth Glo Minerals in
Maui Wowie

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Silver and
Chanel Illusion D'Omber in Illusoire 

MAC Painterly and Earth Glo Minerals in Antique Brown

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Touch Of Gold Glitter

Hey loves, I sorry for posts not being consistent... I am studying and sitting a law exam in the next month so my eyes are in my books a lot of the time.  When I check my blog I see that posts a weeks apart.  End of October things will be different.  I got a chance to film this look that I really love.  It takes a neutral eye and adds some jazz with glitter on the inner corner.  If you wanted to do without the glitter you could and just have a neutral eye.  If you have never tried using glitter and you think it may go wrong, this is an easy way to get introduced to using glitter.
When it comes to glitter there is cosmetic glitter made for the eyes which I suggest if new to using glitter, I happen to have both glitter made for the eyes and arts and craft glitter from an art store or ebay.  Be wise where you buy your glitter from and as I point out in the video be careful when using glitter. I purchased my from Lit Cosmetics glitter made for the eyes.

I have done a few glitter looks on here and they just add some fun to your eyes and you will be very different from anyone else.  If you do want to know more about glitter, I have a video on Lit Cosmetics glitter, I shall add the link to make things easier for you and their web site and also the loose eyeshadows I love so much.

Lit Cosmetics

Lit Cosmetics Product Focus

Earth Glo Minerals

Earth Glo Minerals Product Focus

Jan x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Favourite Highlights and Blushes

Hello loves, here is a few of my favourite highlighters and blushes that I reach for almost all the time.  I wanted to change it up and share something a little different.  
For deeper skin we can't wear things that are ashy on us, so no pale colours golds always makes our skin look so sun kissed, rose golds gives us a hint of colour while highlighting the face.  Highlight is best places on or above the cheek bones, where the light get caught and it looks amazing.  Blending your blush with your highlight makes for a beautiful soft focus colour and it allows your cheeks to shine with that healthy glow you may hear makeup artists talk about.

There are many companies that do highlighters and blushes, these are just my favourite colours and finishes, they apply smoothly, and last for a long time.
The stand out blushes are the Tom Ford blushes while very expensive for a blush, their lasting power really stands out and the colour combination and finish which I don't see often and its Tom Ford, that alone give you a head start in pricing.  Also MAC Double Definition the first photo is by far one of my favourite highlights, the deep gold just makes my skin look so nice, I use it all the time, such that I must force myself to use other things.

Jan x

Mac in Double Definition

Tom Ford in Flush and Narcissist (star product)

Chanel in Pink Explosion

L-R Mac in Star Wonder, So Ceylon, Superb and Double Definition

L-R Illamasqua in Tweak, Hussy and Nars in Deep Throat