Monday, 31 December 2012


SO HAPPY NEW YEAR...I planned to filmed two looks one bright and one smokie, but I got sick and still am sick.  I suffer the worst migraines known to man and so I skipped filming one and thought someone out there will mostly definitely have a smokie eye, in fact I have one up some time ago, same process I would just add black glitter over the top and its good to go.  So I thought I'd challenge you to wear a bright look in a cloud of smokie eyes and stand out and look extra fab.

Finally I can't believe a year has flown by already, my next video will be my favorite products used in 2012.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, I pray that you are blessed and had a fab 2012, if nothing at all you made it to 2013 and that is a blessing.  I pray your 2013 will start of safely, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE SAFE, YOUR LIFE OTHER PEOPLE LIVES ARE WORTH SOMETHING TO SOMEONE.  NO DRINKING AND DRIVING, NO DRUGS! HAVE SAFE GOOD FUN... If I sound like your mama, then yes I sound like your mama! :)

Lastly thank you for being on this journey with me, I hope for more inspiration and many more looks and more progression on my blog.  
I love you all for loving my blog and embracing what I love, I hope it help folks out in www land.

Jan xoxoxoxox
FYI I filmed this super late and was super tired, hence almost falling asleep, apologise. 

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