Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Purple Lined Eye and Red Lip

Hey, since I do a lot of in depth looks, using loads of brushes, this on the other hand isn't, firstly there is no brush used.  It is my go to look when I don't want to wear eyeshadow but want colour, good thing is you can choose which ever colour you love and I love purple, I have said this before brown eyes and purple go very well, it makes your eyes appear brighter.
I choose the thousand watt smile purely because I wanted to show you that red lipstick makes your teeth appear a whole lot whiter, that's not to say you shouldn't brush your teeth, as does blue makes your teeth appear whiter and makes the whites of your eyes whiter.

I forgot to say I used red cherry lashes in 523 and mascara by Rimmel called Lash Accelerator

I hope you enjoy, I really love this look, I wear it a lot, sometime I change the liner to blue.

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