Saturday, 8 September 2012

Teal Orange and Bronze Look

Hi all, teal, orange and bronze, I hope you like it.  the eyes are so busy, I kept the rest of the makeup muted, the cheeks have a hint of pink and lip and a light pink as well, just to create balance.  Colours that appear bright and unworkable can indeed work, just depends how you pair them together.  I enjoyed wearing this look a lot.  It would a good way to introduce wearing brighter colours by keeping it just to the lid, if you felt the orange was too much for you, you could use a a matte colour close to your skin tone and the add the bronze or dark brown or grey in the outer corner to give your eye more definition.  If you have mature skin, I would stay away from using sparkly colours on your lid as that accentuates fine lines, use a matte version.



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