Wednesday, 5 September 2012

False Eyelash Application

Hey all, I thought I would post this false eyelash application video, If you don't know I make the effort to post a new video every Wednesday no later than Thursday :).  I know when I bought lashes, I watched a few video's on how to apply and just practised, I failed a few times and got upset but how could I let false lashes that don't speak defeat me??  After a few tries I got the hang of it and now, it is super easy to apply all types of lashes as some have thinner bases others thicker.  
I missed out a few things in the video so I shall just type them out.

There many types of false eyelash glue, my choice is duo adhesive eyelash glue which is white but dries down clear, you can get the same kind that dries to a black finish, this glue has latex, if you are allergic to latex they're latex free glues available.  Please do not sleep in false lashes, always remove them before sleeping, you can get those that are safe to sleep with but that is done at a beauty salone, bought strip lashes are meant to come off.

Always pull gently from the outer corner

Holding the base of the lash in one hand, with the other hand gently pull the glue off, please be careful because you can rip your lash, taking care to remove the glue will allow you to reuse the lash between 3/4 times, that is why I suggest not putting mascara to your false lashes. If you do, take care to remove that mascara with your makeup wipe and restore the lash in the cover.  I also suggest not wearing false lashes all the time, allow your own lashes to breath.

I hope this is helpful :)
See you Wednesday or Thursday.


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