Sunday, 30 September 2012

Favourite Blushes

Hey all, A short video on my favourite blushes at the moment, I have since bought new once's, at some point I update this and include the new ones.  Know that brown skin gets on well with oranges, purples and plums.  I have never liked shimmery blushes, I like to apply those things to my face as I like and not have them in my blush. Most of my blushes are satin or matte finishes then I add the highlight or bronze when I want and where I want.

Sleek cosmetics caters to deeper skin tones but it will suit all tones just apply with little pressure and blend the blush well. Sleek costs a lot less but you get great colour pay off.  If you are looking for great colour pay off, long lasting and not expensive Sleek Cosmetics.

Sleek cosmetic's website

I hope you like
Jan x
Revlon in Hint of Ruby

Nars in Mata Hari

Nars in Deep Throat

L-R Sleek in Flamingo, Flushed and Coral

L-R EarthGloMineral in Lovely MAC Just a Pinch


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Smoked Copper

Hi all, this is a super easy look that I hope you enjoy.  To create the cat eye load up your eyeliner on the outside edges of your eye thick and bring it in lightly as you come to the inner corner, then smudge out the outer corner to give it that smokie effect.  This look is nice because you can wear it for most things.  Its dramatic without being over the top.  It also shows you don't need to use a ton of products to get the desired effect.

See you next week


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Simple Lined Lower Lash Line

Hey all, here is another video, I am rolling these out quickly, I hope you enjoy this.  I wore this look out to the shopping centre and got a lot of complements on it, so I thought I would film it and post it on my blog, because it is super easy and so versatile, you do not have to use the purple or blue you can use whatever colours that you love, and the colour on the lid is a wash of one colour.

At the end of the video the url is of the old blog page please remember the new name is

See you on Wednesday or Thursday :)


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Grey Smokie Eye

Hi all, I'm back with another look, I thought you may like to see a grey smokie eye, I hope you like it, as always if this is too bright rather than build up layers just use less layers and possibly sweep and dome shape brush over your layers to lighten the amount of colour.  As I also say use what you have, you do not have to have the same makeup I have, if you do then great, it will work the same.

Until next week

In case you want to know what i used on my face
MAC ProLongwear in NC50
MAC ProLongwear concealer in NW40
Sleek Pressed Powder in


Friday, 14 September 2012

New Cosmetics

Hi all, sorry this video is late, I have been writing my assignment at the same time and lost track of when I was supposed to post.  Here is some of the new stuff I have purchased. I have a few videos like this as I have been a buying spree.  On YouTube these are some of my favourite types of videos I love to watch


At end of the video there is a link left to visit my website as you know it has since changed ti

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Bobbi Brown lipstick in Guava

Nars lipstick in Barbarella

Nars lipgloss in Giza

Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Smoke 24

Nars blush in Mati Hari

Nars blush in Deep Throat

La Base Pro foundation primer

Armani number 24
Armani number 1


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Teal Orange and Bronze Look

Hi all, teal, orange and bronze, I hope you like it.  the eyes are so busy, I kept the rest of the makeup muted, the cheeks have a hint of pink and lip and a light pink as well, just to create balance.  Colours that appear bright and unworkable can indeed work, just depends how you pair them together.  I enjoyed wearing this look a lot.  It would a good way to introduce wearing brighter colours by keeping it just to the lid, if you felt the orange was too much for you, you could use a a matte colour close to your skin tone and the add the bronze or dark brown or grey in the outer corner to give your eye more definition.  If you have mature skin, I would stay away from using sparkly colours on your lid as that accentuates fine lines, use a matte version.



Wednesday, 5 September 2012

False Eyelash Application

Hey all, I thought I would post this false eyelash application video, If you don't know I make the effort to post a new video every Wednesday no later than Thursday :).  I know when I bought lashes, I watched a few video's on how to apply and just practised, I failed a few times and got upset but how could I let false lashes that don't speak defeat me??  After a few tries I got the hang of it and now, it is super easy to apply all types of lashes as some have thinner bases others thicker.  
I missed out a few things in the video so I shall just type them out.

There many types of false eyelash glue, my choice is duo adhesive eyelash glue which is white but dries down clear, you can get the same kind that dries to a black finish, this glue has latex, if you are allergic to latex they're latex free glues available.  Please do not sleep in false lashes, always remove them before sleeping, you can get those that are safe to sleep with but that is done at a beauty salone, bought strip lashes are meant to come off.

Always pull gently from the outer corner

Holding the base of the lash in one hand, with the other hand gently pull the glue off, please be careful because you can rip your lash, taking care to remove the glue will allow you to reuse the lash between 3/4 times, that is why I suggest not putting mascara to your false lashes. If you do, take care to remove that mascara with your makeup wipe and restore the lash in the cover.  I also suggest not wearing false lashes all the time, allow your own lashes to breath.

I hope this is helpful :)
See you Wednesday or Thursday.


I buy my false eyelashes in the UK from link below

I buy  false eyelash bulk bundles from theUSA, link below