Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Purple Bronze Look

Hi all, I am back with another look, popping the purple off, if you don't know purple and brown eyes goes so well, it makes brown eyes appear light, more golden, depending on the shade of brown you have, either way purple complements brown eyes very well.  I hope you like it, off course you don't have to pull the purple as far as I did, you can keep it the same length of your eye if you want but I loved it extended.  I used a lot more high light under my eyes by using a lighter foundation by Clarin's, that is how you achieve the Kim Kardashian super high light, it really reflects in pictures a lot so if you use that technic be sure to set that area well with either a translucent powder, yellow powder or a shade of powder that is lighter than what you usually use.  You can pair this look with a deeper berry lip or with a nude lips, I'm sure by now you know i am love to rock a nude lip.  I'm working on that colour infusion hahaha, I hope you enjoy, and until next week.

Jan :)


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