Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Brush Essentials: What I think you should have to begin

Hey all hope you are all well?  I know you see all the brushes I pull up and show you when doing different looks, question is do you need all off them, answer is yes as you get better and want to do more things with your make up but for beginning and doing almost all simple looks these are the brushes I think you should have to begin with anything else you can add as you go along.  These are the brushes I reach for most often to create a lot of my looks; I hope this helps you as to what brushes you should have in your everyday collection.

See you in the next tutorial J.

Website to get cheaper brushes and other cosmetics in the UK 
if you live in the States check out Sigma make-up's official web page for its brushes 
You could also check on ebay but don't go for super expensive things in case its fake, be careful on ebay, if it is too good to be true, then it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

The first picture consists of three type of foundation brushes, I only mentioned one which is the one in the middle.  The first brush can be used to apply foundation as well as blush but for foundation it gives an air brushed appearance to your foundation as the white bristles lightly stroke your face as well not apply too much foundation, going in circular motions allows you to apply and blend foundation at the same time.

The second brush allows you to apply foundation in a painting motion and also allows you the blend, you can also clean up easily because it fits under your eye and helps get fall out (fallen eyeshadow) from under your eyes, if you had two of these brushes you could use one to apply concealer.

The last brush is called a round flat top kabuki, it basically allows you to buff foundation into your skin so it looks like you have very little on, once you have applied you then work the product even deeper into your skin.


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