Friday, 11 November 2011

Hiiiii Alllll

Hi ya.... firstly to apologise for such a long absence and for the broken picture links... i had no idea but Google has gone through some changes with the blog which affected my pictures so i have had to delete them.  I have no back ups so i have had to just delete them however the pictures are still there to see after every video tutorial which i am happy about.  I have been away because of many illnesses and school, i am currently doing a law degree and the work loads is bananas.  The blog has head to take a back seat, i am on a break and want to get back to filming and posting.  The weather is so bad here which affects my lighting so once i figure that out i will post, i have collected looks so it should be easier to get video's out.  I sincerely apologise for not posting anything, i hope to be better organised and hopefully be less sick so i can get back to my love of posting and doing looks for any who come to my blog to watch.  Thank you for your patience.


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