Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Intense Purple Liner

Hi all, I'm back with another look, very very simple to do. People with brown eyes purple eyes-shadow makes your eyes appear lighter, anything with blue makes the whites of your eyes look brighter same goes for lip glosses and lipsticks with hints blue makes your teeth look whiter and brighter. Red lipsticks makes your teeth look whiter and brighter as well. My tip for you :0).

This is for those that don't like to wear a lot of eye-shadow you can play this up by using eye-liner instead of eye-shadow and keeping the lid clear and adding lashes if you so wish. I hope you like it remember you do not have to stick to purple you can use any colour you desire.

I also show you how to apply false lashes, i hope it is helpful to those that doesn't know how to apply false lashes.

Jan x



Anonymous said...

Lovely look!

Can I make a request? I've got a black and peach dress that I'm wearing for a coming event... is there a makeup look you can recommend to complement the dress?

madeformakeup said...

hi ya, glad you like it, you can go for the opposite and have a red lip and simple shadow or you can have a coral smokey eye, a brown, grey or black smokey eye with a nude lip, not too much blush a little bronze.

I also have plenty of looks on this blog that you can have a look through and possibly find something that suits you.

Thanks again for visiting