Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Defined Liner Look

Hi all, wow already the in Feb so i'll hit you all with a banging simple but defined night look, most important in this look are fake/false lashes, I know i have yet to out up a how to apply lashes which is in the works. I should really have posted it before this but i am yet to film that, so for those that do not know how to apply lashes do skip this process out, the look will turn out less dramatic but still remains the same, you can go ahead and use volumising mascara and or lengthening mascara use blackest black anything that says black but not black brown or brown so that your lashes appear long and off course more of them . It is a really simple look because like i said its about the lashes. I hope you enjoy this look because personally this is one of my very favourites.

Products used

Bourjois Pinceau Liquid Liner in Black
Generic Black Gel Liner
Urban Decay eye liner in Zero
Beauty UK Eye-shadow Collection using the brown in the pallet
M.A.C Eye-shadow in Hand Written
M.A.C eye-shadow in Saddle
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Water Proof Mascara in Very Black
Blush Sleek Cosmetics in Flushed
M.A.C lipstick in Faux
Rimmel Lipgloss - sorry it has no name but it is a coral colour
Victoria Jackson - sorry it has no name but its is champaign colour
M.A.C highlighter in Chez Chez Lame
Urban Decay eyeliner in Ransom

Enjoy this look and i'll see you all in the next tutorial

Jan x


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