Sunday, 16 January 2011

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer REVIEW

Hi all, i thought i would make a small change, for so long i have wanted a foundation that was at a good price and that stayed long. I didn't find anything, i have tried several foundations and they stayed but not as long as i would like. Personally i dislike putting on foundation and late in the day having to touch it up, so when i heard Mac was bringing out something called Pro Longwear, i figured i would try it out. After much use i thought i would review this product and share with you my results.

Pro Longwear Foundation retails for £22.50
Pro Longwear Concealer £13.50

Remember M.A.C works with NC (Neutral cool) that's people with yellow in their skin
NW (Neutral Warm) that's people with red tones in their skin

Please ask the makeup artist to test your skin as to which colour is right for your skin.

Myself My foundation is in NC50 and in NW40 for concealer

Enjoy the review and i hope it helps



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