Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Eyebrow Tutorial

Hey everyone! I had this requested so i did this brow tut just to help you see how i do my brows. I hope it helps you get your brows in shape should they need that extra bit of help :-)

Jan x



Sian said...

Amazing!! Now my brows will look pretty like yours, I always struggled with my brows and especially since I have a fringe, whenever I touch my fringe my brows get all out of place... I'm off to get some eyebrow gel!! Thanks xx

madeformakeup said...

You will need to buy brow set or brow gel, you can get it in boots all sorts of cosmetic companies make them, i have maybeline brow gel which is clear and dries clear, if u don't have a brow brush buy and use a soft bristle tooth brush just so you can comb your brows

U are most welcome

Anonymous said...

I'm still not confident i need 2 cum so u can help me wit my eyebrows. U know thats my problem. When r u free?

Thanks Pammie