Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Neutral Tut which i called As the day :-)

Hey! here is my first look of november, this again can be a look for aBride because it neutral nothing bright you could tone down the brown in the crease and change the lip colour if you do want a hint of colour and then change the cheecks to something more flushed like a soft pink or a plum blush it is up too ou but the option are endless

Hope you like it is very quick, oh if you are going to use a bridal look i would prime the face with foundation primer, use a matte finish foundation, set the face with loose powder and go from there with the rest of the walk through tut.

Have a blessed day
Jan X



Anonymous said...

Hey i love this look, I'm a basic make up person myself, I would even say I have not got a clue when it comes to make up! this look is really nice subtle but sexy!
Keep it up my sister I'm really getting some good make up education! Lol xx

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question, I noticed you said about using primer and other stuff, but I literally have a foundation, a blush, mascera, lip gloss and I'm finding that my make up can be quite boring! So my question is what essentials should a girl have? But also are there any products that are vital for variation- to give a new look everyday?

madeformakeup said...

Awww i love you... thank you 4 supporting my blog, i'm glad its helping you out... don't worry i am about to do avid on what i think a girl should carry. However i can tell you black eye liner is a must ahve and i have a look using just different types of liner to create a smoked out eye. I will do a vid on what makes an eyes day look showing you different proudcts... man thanks for the idea's