Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tinkle with Pink and Purple

HEY everyone i'm back with another look, i have to say i like this look a lot and something that is totally girly as purple is my favourite colour, this combination was by accident as you may notice i start with one eye already done, the choice to do these looks is completely unplanned i just start and see where i go by the time i record i know what i used, now to just replicate it for you with the right eye. It is harder than it looks to make the eyes match while also reacording and talking you guys through it making sure my face is in camera shot.

I had fun with this one i think it turned out nicely :-) any ways if it didn't i wouldn't post it and there have been many full looks crapped and some accidently repeated. Okay enough yap!

Have a nice time watching

Jan x


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