Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tips to Great Skin

Here some tips to Great SkinJustify Full

1) Do find the right moisturiser for your skin, please stay away from any with fragrance in them, reason being such things can irritate your skin and cause rash, also make sure you rmoistures is light and possibly non greasy, espcially when you use it at night, it just makes the face feel heavy, you want something that is light and that gets absorbed into the pores quickly.

2) Do find the right wipes for your skin and once again nothing with frangrance in them. I use doubles sided wipes by Spa, they are doubles sided, one side is for cleaning the other is for exfoliating.

3) Do Hydrate as much as you can, this keeps your skin looking fresh and prevents needless spots.

4) Take the time to know what your skin responds too. When you find the right creams do not be so quick to change that formula, if it isn't broke why fix it right. If you feel like a change introduce new products slowly and do not swtich back the fourth, your skin will be confused as how best to respond. Take the time to see how your skin responds to the new products.

5) Do your best not to spend far too much time in the sun, if you can't find shade please use sun screen. This goes for all skin types do not think because you are a woman of colour it does not affect you because it does. Choose the right spf.

6) As far as Make Up do not always wear makeup allow your skin to breath, if you feel like you can't live without wearing makeup choose to wear it lightly. They are looks on this blog which use very light make up, remember a little does go a long way. You could also choose to just use face powder which will help with keeping sweat locked in.

7) Do not your share you lip brushes, macara wands. You can find disposable wands, if you use the same make up brushes make sure you wash them after use and air dry them. Be clean with your make up brushes cleanse them with brush shampoo.

8) Make sure you get as much rest as you can, your skin is like elastic it spends the day making expressions and is tight with stress the night time is about the only time that it is relax and be at ease. This is the time your skin uses to rejuvenate, and replenishe itself keeping you looking naturally young without the help botox. The more you keep to such routines the younger you look for much longer.

9) It is better to invest in good quality make up products and cut corners, you never know what really cheap make up contains, yes they are companies that mass market and are cheap but have good quality companys like Rimmel, Maybeline, Bourjois, Max Factor and Revelon etc, are some of the brands that are cheaper but are great in quality, high end products are more expensive however you will gain better payoff in colour, longer lasting products which are much more versatile. You are assured you will get what you pay for when buying brands like M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Iman, Guelain, Shu Uemura, Shiseido and the list goes on.

10) Skin needs taking care off just like the rest of the things in our life, be good to it and it will definitley be good to you

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